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Refund Policy

You may register our software risk free for 90 days. If it can not run, you may request a refund. Refund requests must be be sent to: within 90 days after registration. No partial or full refunds will be granted after this time. Please keep in mind that NOT every refund request will be accepted. We will issue a refund only in these two cases:
The executable file can not run on your machine, and we can not fix the problem.

You have not received any registration information(Registration Key) from us.
We could not issue a refund for any cause that is out of our side, for example:
(About the two cases above, you can ask us to resend your registration information.)

If you request a refund, please provide the following data:

  1. Your Name:
  2. Your email:
  3. Registration Date:
  4. REF Number(which you received from ShareIt):
  5. Download Link(where you downloaded our software):
  6. Registration Link(which you used to purchase our software):
  7. Reason:
  8. Screen shot of Error(put it/them in attachment):

NOTE:All the fields are required. Leaving any of them blank may result in a rejection upon your request.If you have any questions regarding refund, please contact us at:

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